Miscellaneous Projects

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An assortment of my smaller projects, and while I do have many more, these are the few that I believe meet my minimum standards for a small project to show off. Two of them are websites, and the other two are C++ applications. All of these projects were relatively simple or lacked meaningful purpose in their creation; therefore, they didn't offer as much learning value as my main display projects, thus they are grouped in the miscellaneous section.

3D Chart Website

Made using Three.js, Javascript, React, and Vite. This website contains a 3d graph that a user can plot data points on, or create simple shapes like cubes and squares and specify their location in the 3d environment. Chart length can also be extended in all 3 dimensions and an orbital camera used to view the 3d scene can be reset to an initial starting position.

DemJeremiah Meme Website

This website was made as something humorous for one of my friends, designed using Figma and developed with basic CSS, HTML, Javascript, and EJS. The project itself not very notable, and the only real skill I was able to develop on this project was basic Figma website designing.

Library Management System C++ CLI Application

My final for my C++ class. One day I was enrolled in a C++ class, luckily I already knew C++, long story short, I skipped straight to the final and aced it. This is a simple command line project that lets you view and alter file data. It uses a menu display to let users choose their actions and implements a simple bubble sort algorithm to sort books by title.

Student Management System C++ CLI Application

When I made this project, it was for the purpose of better understanding object oriented programming, and in reality, preparing for my C++ final. This command line project lets you create a classroom of students each with their own names and grades, which is all changeable and deletable, essentially I implemented full CRUD functionality to this simple application.