Practical Synth Theme Project

Video Preview


In this project I create a Visual Studio Code Extension, this extension changes the the Visual Studio Code Theme to my specific one named Practical Synth Theme. I made this Theme because I couldn't find any Synthwave or Cyberpunk like themes that I liked, most just gave me eye strain, didn&spos;t captivate me, or just had too much contrast that I couldn't focus on actually coding with them, so I made one that satisfied all the criteria I wanted.

Tech Used

This wasn't that logically impressive of a project, it was more of a designing like project, I used 'yo code' to begin the development of my vscode theme extension. Afterwards once I restyled all the main vscode classes in the theme json I had then created an Azure developer account and uploaded my extension to the Visual Studio Marketplace where you can see it live right now and download it if you'd like.

Key take away

This project, my Visual Studio Code Extension, it was less of me just trying to do a project for the sake of improving my coding ability or learning something and more of me just creating something for it's actual application and use. So I didn't get too many meaningful takeaways from this project, other than just a sick theme and the strengthened belief that you can create anything you put your mind to.